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Programme for people with Dementia

The need for cultural and social participation is not lost with dementia. On the contrary – art, culture and music can be keys to the emotional world of those people suffering from dementia: all they need is a specific form of communication. Sensual experience is the main focus of these guided tours. Visitors can experience the works of art at their leisure, exchange ideas, and talk about personal impressions and experiences.

In the unusual environment and special atmosphere of the museum, the intention is to create happy moments so that people with dementia feel accepted and valued, and can access their personal creative potential. These visits are designed to meet the needs of people with dementia.

Patron is the mayor of the city of Siegen, Steffen Mues

2-hour appointment by arrangement  
Group price for max. 6 people with dementia plus escorts (entry, tour, refreshments): € 65
Price for individual visitors (1 dementia sufferer, 1 escort): € 11

More information
T +49 271 40577 10

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