Online lecture series

The Clouds and the Cloud

In cooperation with the Chair of Art History at the University of Siegen, the MGKSiegen is hosting a digital lecture series titled “The Clouds and the Cloud”, from November 5, 2020 to January 9, 2021. This string of lectures is accompanying the Museum's current exhibition with the same title. Exhibition artists, experts from academia along with professionals from the fields of art history, literature, visual arts, and design will be speaking about the subject of clouds. Additionally, two film presentations are planed.
All sessions will be broadcast via Zoom on Thursdays starting at 7 p.m. To participate, please find access codes on the Museum's website at Video recordings of the sessions will be made available subsequently on the Museum's website and on YouTube in a timely manner.

THU. 5.11. 7–8.15 pm
Johannes Stückelberger
Skying. Cloud Painting as a Training Field of Abstract Art

Prof. Dr. Johannes Stückelberger is an Adjunct Professor of Contemporary Art History at University of Basel and lecturer for religious and church aesthetics at the University of Bern. He is editor of the publication with the same title (Wilhelm Fink 2010), which examines images of clouds since the Romantic era.
In German.

THU. 12.11. 7–8.30 pm
James Bridle
The Cloud of Unknowing

The London-based artist and author of the book “The New Dark Age” (C.H. Beck, 2019) is participating in the exhibition “The Clouds and the Cloud”. In his project “Cloud Index” he explores the interconnections among climate, human behavior, and technological networks.
In English.

THU. 19.11. 7–8.30 pm
Simon Elson
Cloud Knowledge, Cloud Myths

Simon Elson is author of the book "Wolkensammler". The art historian and literary critic lives in Berlin and has curated two exhibitions dealing with the cloud motif in art.
In German.

THU. 26.11. 7–8.30 pm
Joseph Imorde
Clouds, Vapors, Fog. The Atmospheric in Art

Joseph Imorde is Professor of Art History at the University of Siegen and has released numerous publications concerning the cloud motif since the Baroque.
In German.

THU. 3.12. 7–8.30 pm
Benjamin Bratton

Hemispherical Stacks: Cloud Geopolitics and the Figuration of Planetarity
Benjamin Bratton is a Professor for Visual Arts and Director of the Center for Design and Geopolitics at the University of California, San Diego. He is also author of the book "The Stack. On Software and Sovereignty" MIT Press, 2016).
In English.


THU. 10.12. 7–8.30 pm
Anne Röhl
Cloud Images: Aesthetic aspects of production   

Anne Röhl is teaching assistant and research associate of art history at the University of Siegen. She has published on the cloud motif in contemporary art.
In German.


THU. 17.12. 7–8.30 pm
Marie-Luce Nadal
Suspended Lives

The French architect, artist and performer conducts research at the interface of art and science. She is participating in the exhibition "The Clouds and the Cloud".
In English.


THU. 7.1.21 7–9 pm
Two Cloud films
Ten Skies and Crossroads

While “Ten Skies” (James Benning, 2004, USA, 100 min.) captures the sky over California from ten different perspectives, the piece “Crossroads” (Bruce Conner, 1976, USA, 36 min.) places the well-documented explosion of an atomic bomb at the Bikini Atoll center stage.


SAT. 9.1.21 4–5 pm
Christopher Kulendran Thomas
Artist Lecture

British artist Christopher Kulendran Thomas presents paintings in the exhibition “The Clouds and the Cloud” that have been generated using cloud computing and machine learning algorithms. Christopher Kulendran Thomas lives and works in London and Berlin.
In English.