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Peter Piller
Vorzüge der Absichtslosigkeit
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Published by the mayor of the city of Siegen / cultural department and the MGKSiegen
Text by Eva Schmidt, foreword by Ulf Stötzel
Revolver Publishing, Frankfurt

The artist's book is published for the individual exhibition at MGKSiegen on the occasion of the awarding of the 5th award for the Rubens Prize of the City of Siegen in 2004. It shows the group of office drawings, printed in facsimile format and stapled like an accounting journal. In numerous diary-like drawings, the artist records the rules and rituals that determine our everyday office life and organize the hierarchies in the work context. His ingenious office drawings and office rules hit the mark. His work in an advertising agency during his studies enabled him to have these intimate insights and us to have great fun!

ISBN 3-86588-027-4
216 pages
22 x 30,2 cm