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Our offers in the field of Education and Communication are aimed at various target and age groups. In addition, we cooperate with a number of partners to develop different formats and projects and so extend access to our exhibitions and works of art. Current dates can be found in the calendar.

Children and families
are given the opportunity to discover art in a playful way. In holiday programmes and workshops, we experiment in front of the originals and in the studio, learning together how art is created. (more)

For schools and Kitas
we offer age-appropriate guided tours with practical art workshops. Themes relate to the presentation of the collection and our temporary exhibitions, and they can be adapted to your lessons. (more)

Young people
have a chance to find their own approaches to art in creative workshops, independently and together with museum educators. They themselves can become experts in the museum within the framework of the “Kunstbot*innen” programme. (more)

We lead groups on individually decided focal points and themes and offer weekly public guided tours, as well as regular further education and practical workshops for adults. (more)

Educational projects and cooperations
Educational projects and cooperations with educational partners take place on a regular basis, improving access to art for visitors of all ages. (more)

Education and Communication
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