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Open Worlds
A digital cooperation project of IMAGINE THE CITY Hamburg, Kestner Gesellschaft Hannover, Marta Herford, MGKSiegen

“Offene Welten” (Open Worlds) is a project of Museum für Gegenwartskunst Siegen in cooperation with IMAGINE THE CITY, Hamburg, the Kestner Gesellschaft in Hanover and the museum Marta Herford. The Federal Cultural Foundation is funding the project within “Digital Fund – Digital Transformation in Cultural Institutions” over a period of three years. In “Open Worlds”, the four contemporary art institutions will be working together with artists, curators and educators to develop playful digital trails and artistic stagings at the instersection of institutions and urban space.

The Digital Fund, which is one of the three pillars of the Kultur Digital programme, supports publicly funded cultural institutions in developing digital concepts in the fields of digital curating, artistic production, outreach and communication. The digital projects are intended to help provide the institutions with impulses towards far-reaching innovative perspectives.

Research internship
at art museums NRW

The Ministry for Culture and Science is supporting the MGKSiegen within the programme “Forschungsvolontariat Kunstmuseen NRW” (Research internship at art museums NRW). The programme complements existing research internships at art museums in NRW via a different new approach: The focus of each internship will be on a research project in the context of the respective collection, as well as targeting increased cooperation with the art history chairs of the state.

The research internship “Collection as an Off-Event” at the MGKSiegen aims to make previously unresearched and therefore unseen collection and work histories productive for recipient-oriented museum work from 2020 onwards.