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Tours and workshops for schoolchildren

Theme 1
Blue, yellow, green – and how many colours of red?

Rupprecht Geiger is a painter of colour, intense and lively. To be able to feel and experience his paintings, we use the diverse methods of creative writing. Bridget Riley unfolds a true firework of colour in her paintings, but in a completely different way. Reduced to simple forms, here the colours enter into a dynamic relationship with each other. We compare both artists and examine how the colours are used in their paintings and what effect they have. In the workshop, pupils will create their own composition using a limited colour palette.

Theme 2
Do pictures make sound? – Art with all 5 senses

A ball is rolling in a pot - what does the noise sound like? And which painting goes with it? We reach into a “feelbag” of mysterious objects - can we see what our hand feels in the painting? Hearing and seeing–but also feeling, tasting and smelling–open up a perspective on the painting in which all our senses are involved. Comparisons sharpen our perception and we see more than when relying on the sense of sight alone.

Theme 3
Space for us – Sound collages and video performances

Museum architecture and abstract works of art prompt questions: How do I move, how do I encounter the images? Do I feel small, big, powerful, intimidated, etc.? How does my voice sound in the room?
In the programme “Space for us” pupils develop their own sound collages and performances using tablets and a bluetooth box. The focus is on the use of body and voice, low-threshold access, and improvised, original interpretations.

Project days, or workshops lasting several days are possible by arrangement.
For pupils from 5th grade up

Guided tour (duration 60 min) – maximum 20 pupils/ group, 32 € plus admission (1 € per pupil; 1 € per accompanying teacher; free with school annual pass)

Guided tour with workshop (duration 120 min) – maximum 15 pupils/ group, 43 € plus admission (1 € per pupil; 1 € per accompanying teacher; free with school annual pass)

Giorgio Morandi, Natura Morta, 1962, The Lambrecht-Schadeberg Collection, © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2020

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