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Voyages of discovery in the museum

For elementary schools

“In a tall, round tower, a wild herd of horses gallops over the walls. The light shines in through red, blue and yellow windows.”

The voyage of discovery to the museum could begin at school, with this pictorial dictation. Doesn’t it sound mysterious and exciting? What could it possibly mean? Children create their own picture of the story and continue it.
On arrival at the museum, they visit the stair tower and see the video installation by artist Diana Thater. They compare their fantasies with the artist’s work and find themselves right in the middle of the artistic scene. The result is a first individual reference to a contemporary work of art.

Children find a stimulating learning environment in the museum. They look at works of art in an unbiased, open and curious way and get to know the different forms of expression involved: How did the artist make the picture? What is the paint applied with? Is it pastose or fluid, perhaps mixed with sand? What hand or arm movements did the artist make while painting? What does the work of art say?

In addition to subject-related skills, young museum visitors learn to orient themselves independently in new surroundings. They concentrate on the precise perception and articulation of what they have seen, work independently on tasks, and present their results.

Duration 90 mins
Group size max. 15 children; larger groups will be split in two
The “Voyage of discovery in the museum” is free for elementary schools, thanks to generous support from the Lions Clubs Siegen-Krönchen, Siegen, Siegen-Rubens, Freudenberg, Kreuztal and Neunkirchen-Burbach as well as BALD AG.

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