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A research project with middle school pupils

October 2018–
April 2019

Museum architecture and abstract works of art prompt questions: How do I move here? Do I feel small, big, powerful, intimidated, etc.? Abstract images also demand exploration. Our own self-image reflects the possibilities we have to become visible and audible in the museum, what conventions can and do we wish to transgress, and what does all this have to do with us?

Actor and theatre pedagogue Tim Lechthaler and Daniela Gernand, research assistant in the field of art education/cultural education at the University of Siegen, asked themselves these questions together with the participants and developed, produced and presented their own sound collages and performances in the museum using tablets and a bluetooth box. The focus was on direct encounters with the artworks, the use of body and voice, and improvised, original interpretations. Over a period of six months, eight middle-school classes/courses from different school types took part. The concept was developed in tandem with our intern for art education, Ann-Katrin Drews.

Participating schools:
Realschule Oberes Schloss, Gymnasium am Löhrtor, Freiherr-von-Stein-Gymnasium Betzdorf-Kirchen, Gemeinschaftliche Sekundarschule Burbach-Neunkirchen and Gesamtschule Eiserfeld

The project received funding in the context of the “lab.Bode - Initiative zur Stärkung der Vermittlungsarbeit in Museen” from the Federal Cultural Foundation.