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Kultur und Schule

Grundschule Gerlingen

Look, paint, draw, be noisy and don’t sit in school all day!

For several years now, the children of Gerlingen elementary school have been coming to Siegen every other Friday to get to know the museum and to explore its works of art. Each unit consists of an exploration of the artworks in the exhibitions and workshops  in the museum studio. In the meantime the children have become real experts and can explain the works of art to adults.

With the programme „Kultur und Schule“ Nordrhein-Westfalen’s administration supports schools in engaging children in cultural education.

Other project examples include:
Teenagers working on an audio guide to artworks of their choice
“Bilderklang” – a combination of art and music including the construction of their own instruments
“Bildersalat und Farbensuppe”: Starting with artworks in museums that show food or stimulate “hunger” because of their materials, the meaning of food was explored and the partipants cooked together