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Eske Schlüters

Seeing as Thinking

What “light” does one film sequence throw upon its preceding or succeeding sequence in a film – or onto a sequence projected simultaneously vis-à-vis? What are the associations suggested to the viewer, which of the associations are of a general or individual nature? In what ways do images and sound complement or diminish each other? How is meaning created and how does it come to pass?

Eske Schlüters, Exhibition view, Eske Schlüters. Seeing as Thinking, MGKSiegen, Courtesy the artist, Photo: Michael Wagener

In single and multiple film projections, in linear and spatial assemblies of film and sound Eske Schlüters (*1970) explores our perception of loosely connected moving images and film sequences not conjoined by an underlying strict narrative. In her first museum exhibition encompassing four video installations the artist examined the grand themes of motion picture history: love, truth, and death, concepts also regarded as the classic themes of philosophy. A publication that accompanied the exhibition translates the open film narration into the medium of a book.

Sponsored by the Stiftung Kunstfonds zur Förderung der zeitgenössischen bildenden Kunst, Bonn.

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