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Nora Turato


The new site-specific exhibition series “MGKWalls” focuses an annual presentation on two prominent walls at the museum: the entrance wall in the foyer and the large LED wall on the external façade, which opens up the museum’s architecture to the city in a programmatic way and has been a distinctive feature of the building since its opening.

Nora Turato (*1991 in Zagreb, Croatia) is the first artist invited to be present on the “MGKWalls” over a period of 12 months, with a large-format mural painting and changing digital collages on the façade. Essentially, her work is based on appropriated text-image fragments that circulate in the social media and news tickers of our smartphones each and every day. The parallel, dynamic presentation connects two worlds: the physical space of the institution and the digital space outside.

On instagram and facebook the new sreenings will be posted.

Museum of Contemporary Art Siegen, exterior view, 2020, work by Nora Turato (LED Screen), Photo: Philipp Ottendörfer

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