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Remembering Landscape

What is landscape today? We continue to imagine the aesthetic ideal comprising a variety of natural, agricultural and settlement areas. By contrast, modern landscapes are often “non-places”. Traces appear there – traces of industrial intervention, changing  borderlines, flight, war or uncontrolled development and mining.

Richard Mosse, If I Ran the Zoo, 2012, Serie Infra, Courtesy the artist

What remains is a remnant of nature, in which ruins bear witness to historical events. Barren landscapes that speak of past violence, degraded to material. At the same time memories (of war) are embodied visibly by 20th century architectural monuments.

The exhibition’s 25 artists and groups of artists grant a voice to landscape. They create current landscape images located between fiction, symbol and documentation, and appeal to our ability to read and decipher them – but also to the imagination and our capacity to mourn.

A cooperation with the Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest, the Center for Decontamination, Belgrade, and Sint-Lukas Gallery, Brussels.

Curated by the museum’s director Eva Schmidt and Kai Vöckler, College of Design (HfG) Offenbach.

With contributions by
Marianna Christofides
Luc Delahaye
Chloe Dewe Mathews
Lukas Einsele
Anca Benera und Arnold Estefán
Cyprien Gaillard
Anne Heinlein und Göran Gnaudschun
Markus Karstieß
Thomas Kellner
Jan Kempenaers
Anselm Kiefer
Aglaia Konrad
Susanne Kriemann
Armin Linke
Richard Mosse

Andreas Mühe
Paul Nash
Alexandra Navratil
Peter-Paul Rubens
Milica Tomić & Sans Souci Collective
Unknown Fields Division
Danny Veys
Paul Virilio
and Kristof Vrancken

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