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Research trainee programme at art museums NRW

The Ministry for Culture and Science of North Rhine-Westfalia is supporting the MGKSiegen within the programme "Forschungsvolontariat Kunstmuseen NRW" (Research trainnee program at art museums NRW). The programme complements existing research trainee programs at art museums in NRW via a different new approach: The focus of each trainee program will be on a research project in the context of the respective collection, as well as targeting increased cooperation with the art history chairs of the state.

The research internship "Collection as an Off-Event" at the MGKSiegen aims to make previously unresearched and therefore unseen collection and work histories productive for recipient-oriented museum work from 2020 onwards. The research project intends to show, in an exemplary way, to what extent the museum practice of research can serve as a starting point for interdepartmental cooperation and interdisciplinary questions, which also actively involve visitors and integrate them into the museum's digital strategy.

The research project in Siegen will develop an exemplary case study by dealing with extended access to the content and form of the collections, also in ongoing exchange with other museums in NRW. To this end, the departments of art history and art education at the University of Siegen and the University of Cologne will also be involved.