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Der Traum der Bibliothek
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Edited by Eva Schmidt and Ines Rüttinger
Texts by Eva Schmidt, Joseph Imorde, Walter Benjamin, Ines Rüttinger
Snoeck Verlagsgesellschaft mbH, 2019

The catalog is published on the occasion of the exhibition of the same name at MGKSiegen and includes an intensive photographic tour of the exhibition by Sabine Reitmaier as well as the reprint of the text “Ich packe meine Bilbliothek aus. Eine Rede über das Sammeln” by Walter Benjamin.

Libraries and books have a great fascination. They are spaces of collective memory and a store of knowledge. At these places of contemplation and concentration, a look into the book opens up new worlds. The exhibition “The Dream of the Library” illuminates this fascination from the perspective of conceptual art. The artists in the exhibition playfully address the collection, its forms of presentation and order criteria with objects, installations and films. Bookshelves and displays are taken into account as well as the reading situation.

ISBN 978-3-86442-292-8
15 × 10,5 cm
214 pages

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