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Diana Thater. Keep the Faith
A Survey Exhibition
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Published by Barbara Engelbach and Wulf Herzogenrath
With texts by the editors, Diana Thater, Angela Choon and Mathew Siegel. Translation by Karl Hoffmann
Salon Verlag & Edition

With the exhibition “Diana Thater. Keep the Faith” the Kunsthalle Bremen and the MGKSiegen present a comprehensive exhibition of works by the californian artist Diana Thater. She takes an independent position in video art because she merges the video projections with the room filling, colored daylight and artificial light. Her subjects revolve around the relationship between untouched and cultivated nature, which she shows in the image of the wild or tamed animal. The simultaneous exhibitions in Siegen and Bremen complement each other: In Bremen the focus has been on recent works since 1998, while the MGKSiegen is devoted to the basic early works that were created between 1993 and 1997. The catalog extensively documents the works installed in both houses with large color images. For the first time, the book has published a directory of all installations and monitor works by Diana Thater.

ISBN 3-89770-209-6
24 × 29 cm
104 pages
German English