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Francis Bacon
Portrait, 1962
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Publication Series, Volume 8
Edited by Christian Spies and Thomas Thiel
Organization by Stefanie Scheit-Koppitz
Text by Markus Rath
Deutscher Kunstverlag, 2024

Volume 8 of the publication series of the MGKSiegen in cooperation with the Department of Art History of the University of Cologne.
Francis Bacon's portrait of his first life partner, Peter Lacy, is attractive and repulsive at the same time. The monumental Portrait from 1962 was hidden from the public for a long time. It turns out to be a highly significant work, created at a turning point in the artist's career. Markus Rath brings together the strands of the work's genesis and embeds the painting in Bacon's visual world.

ISBN 978-3-422-80181-3
20 × 13 cm
130 pages
39 colour illustrations
German and English in one volume