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Andrea Robbins/Max Becher


Andrea Robbins/Max Becher, Black Cowboys: Kareem, Harlem, NY, Contemporary Collection MGKSiegen, Courtesy the artists

Andrea Robbins and Max Becher (born 1963 in Boston and 1964 in Düsseldorf, respectively, living in New York) investigate the effects of the global migration of people and cultures and examine clichés and arbitrary stereotypes as well as isolated cultures far off from mainstream descriptions of cultural history. Their photography series, which are accompanied by short texts, continue to deliver highly revealing visual facts, yet are never journalistic. Much rather, they generate impressive images that provoke an intensive type of perception of pictures, in which the viewer reads the image in close examination.

The Robbins/Becher lifework combines the artistic tradition of documentary photography with a conceptual approach that is critical of society. In this, their position readily fits into the Museum für Gegenwartskunst Siegen’s exhibition series, which deal with the conceptual and vivid qualities of serial and project-oriented photography.  

Supported by
Kunststiftung NRW and Stiftung Sparda-Bank West

1 Publication and 2 Works in the collection