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Giorgio Sadotti

Hell (Wir haben kein Wort dafür) Guru

British concept artist Giorgio Sadotti ventures a unique experiment with light.

Giorgio Sadotti, Exhibition view, Hell (Wir haben kein Wort dafür) Guru, MGKSiegen, © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2015, Photo: Carsten Schmale

By placing the neon tubes at the center of attention, he transforms this functional element of any exhibition space into an artwork. The lights extend from their positions on the museum’s ceiling and regroup on the floor in an upright position. For each unit of light, the connection to its origin and source of power remains traceable, since each individual tube connects to its former position through cables. While the light is focused at one point of the gallery space, other areas are shrouded in darkness. Works from the contemporary collection of the museum complement the installation and illustrate how neutral museum space and its functional elements can be enhanced through new impulses and energies.

Supported by
RWE and DK Elektro- und Kommunikationstechnik