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Antoni Tàpies
Image, Body, Pathos
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Edited by Eva Schmidt
Texts by Mireya Lewin, Nuria Homs, Barbara Egger, Svein Aamold, Valentin Roma, Eulália Valldosera, Verena Tintelnot, Enrique Juncosa, Oliver Orest Tschirky, Melitta Kliege, Laurence Rassel, Eva Schmidt
Snoeck Verlagsgesellschaft mbH,2011

The exhibitions at MGKSiegen and the Reykjavík Art Museum collect not only the works from the Lambrecht-Schadeberg collection, but also a number of top-class loans and want to start an attempt to encourage a younger generation of writers to take a closer look at individual works by the 4th Rubens Prize winner from the city of Siegen in 1972 . You are embarking on the exciting venture to formulate a new, contemporary approach to the work of the old master.

ISBN 978-3-940953-92-6
32 × 24 cm
120 pages
Hardcover with 45 illustrations
German, English

1 Exhibition