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Hans Haacke
Fotonotizen documenta 2, 1959
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Publication Series, Volume 5 (2. Edition)
Edited by Eva Schmidt and Joseph Imorde
Copyediting by Stefanie Scheit-Koppitz
Text by Eva Schmidt
Deutscher Kunstverlag, 2012

Publication series in cooperation with MGKSiegen in cooperation with the art department of the University of Siegen.

Fotonotizen, documenta 2, 1959 is an early work by Hans Haacke that amazingly anticipates aspects of his (mature) work. An early work often includes the fact that the artist does not take it seriously or grasp it at the time of its creation, meaning that its relevance can only be recognized in retrospect. This observation undoubtedly applies to the photo notes, as it was only in 2001 that Haacke put together a set of 26 photos for the opening exhibition of MGKSiegen and named the series Fotonotizen, documenta 2, 1959, now officially dated 1959. The work, which is now part of the museum's collection, points with its own conciseness to the institutional conditions of the art business and, in its ironic orientation, offers starting points for a historical location of the work and for a critical statement by the viewer.

ISBN 978-3-422-07068-4
13,3 × 20,0 cm
92 pages